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Individual Counseling
Depression, Anxiety, Fears, Loss, Grief, Career Counseling, Women's Life Transitions, Child/Adolescent Issues

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Couples Counseling
Interpersonal Relationship Issues and Relationship Dynamics, Establishing skills to maintain intimate relationships

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Family Counseling
Successful Parenting, Separation, Divorce, Loss, Grief and Interpersonal techniques

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Group Counseling:
"Life After Nest" Empty Nesters, Separation, Divorce, Women's Issues

After investing years of personal time into building a home, career, and family, our role as a parent is beginning to change. As our children enter into their final years of high school, we begin preparing them for another phase of their lives, but how do we prepare ourselves?

Letting go of our children can be a complex process. We may feel unbalanced as unexpected feelings can emerge. At this crossroad we are faced with tasks that may appear daunting, especially if we have to face them alone.

Seeking early guidance and support can meet the challenges of this stage and help achieve new more successful integrations in and out of the family life.

Life After Nest is an intimate small group setting that offers guidance for parents with an "empty nest". In group we define the skills needed in parenting adult children. Using the wisdom gained from our years of experience, we can refocus and review our relationships and discover new meanings, roles and possibilities.

Rather than viewing this experience as being empty, we can look at this passage as an opportunity. By sharing and connecting with others who have similar experiences, we find answers we might not realize on our own.

Payment must made by cash or check at time of service. A superbill will be provided upon request for submission to insurance companies. Full payment required subject to a 24 hour cancellation policy.
Treatment Areas
Individual Therapy
A vague, unpleasant emotional state with qualities of distress and uneasiness which can lead to diagnosable conditions. Anxiety motivates some people and can emotionally paralyze others.
Couples Therapy
Almost all of us have experienced a failed relationship, and most of us have to work consciously to master the skills necessary to make them flourish, be successful and loving.
Family Therapy
Parenting can be the most rewarding and stressful job of your life. We can all think of ways we would do things differently from our parents and when we do, we may find a healing process happening for ourselves.
Group Therapy
Empty Nesters
Empty Nest Syndrome refers to feelings of sadness and loss experienced by parents and caregivers after children come of age and leave their childhood homes.