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About Me
I have always had this tremendous need to help others. When I was young I began looking for more meaning because I didn't understand why adults said and did destructive or hurtful things. I analyzed books, plays and movies searching for a deeper dimension to the content of our character, choices, behaviors, reasoning and relationships. I have always wanted people to be happier, and found myself to be the happiest when I was listening and helping in some way.
Often in my individual, couple, family and group sessions I hear clients talk about the difficulty of trying to move into another phase of their life. This is especially difficult if the change in their life has come without them wanting it or without warning. They can feel out of control, frightened, and filled with anxiety. My education, experience and passion for helping people is how I discovered ways to relieve this anxiety so we can face fear with grace, with skills, not live in denial, and find the empowerment and acceptance needed to move through these times of transformation.
I used to be upset that I had not attended graduate school soon after graduating college. However, I believe that things come into our lives when they are supposed to. It wasn't until I returned to school that I saw how my age and children had given me valuable insight into my education. People that knew I had received a degree started coming to me for help before I had even officially started my therapy practice. This was a valued confirmation.
When we are in the throes of change, it can be hard to imagine getting to the other side. When we get the right support to help us through, we do begin to find new comfort. To do this kind of work with clients is an opportunity I am passionate about.
2002 Antioch University

Los Angeles, CA M.A. Clinical Psychology

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1997 Regents College

London, England 1 year post graduate certificate psychotherapy program

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1977 Georgetown University

Washington, D.C. American History and Chinese Language

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After discovering my true passion for helping others, I left an enriching business career to get my Masters in clinical psychology.